A Swastika is a Promise of Violence

This afternoon my president described some of the people who marched under a Nazi flag as “fine people”. He flat out refused to denounce a flag that represents an ideology of genocide. A flag that represents a belief that I, my family, and many of my loved ones should be exterminated.

They shouted Blood and Soil, the English translation of the old Nazi propaganda cry of Blut und Boden. They held a torchlit March reminiscent of the stormtroopers on parade. They raised their right arms straight in salute.

Some are saying that not everyone who went there was a Nazi. But, they stood next to them, walked next to them, marched next to them in common cause.

The Nazi swastika and symbology isn’t a symbol of hope or faith. It’s a declaration of intended violence. They belong in a museum. Wearing or carrying one is a threat. The symbol of an ideology that holds to a belief that non-Europeans, “sexual deviants”, the mentally unsound, and the impure must be killed for the good of the people. There’s no room for misinterpretation of it.

Being a Nazi means someone thinks I should die.

They’ve always been there. I’ve encountered them on more than one occasion. They were reviled and made to feel unwelcome, not as a political stance, but a human one. They aren’t “alt-right”. Their beliefs are incompatible with anything American.

Today, however, I’ve seen self-styled conservatives defending them. The day you find yourself shoulder-to-shoulder with a fucking Nazi is the day you need to rethink some things in your life. We went to war with them and never declared peace with their government. We dismantled it and declared victory.

Unlike a lot of folks I know, I don’t think the president is a foaming-at-the-mouth racist. I know that the majority of people who voted for him aren’t, either. He’s an opportunist who lacks the morals to disavow these hateful and dangerous groups. Who is more than willing to see them thrive and flourish to gain personally. But, while the rise of Nazism may not be more than an unpleasant side effect, they and the rise in violence they bring to those who don’t serve his ends are something he’s more than willing to live with. Collateral damage in his rise to and the maintenance of his position.

And this evil pragmatism has trickled down through his base and into those who believe in him, whatever their reasons. I’m not a Democrat or a Republican. Both parties have always had assholes in them. Nazism isn’t compatible‚Äč with either, but people who describe themselves as Republicans are DEFENDING NAZIS and coming up with false equivalencies.

Fuck, man. Even the Klan just preaches segregation. These motherfuckers want me dead! How the hell did we reach a point where people are arguing over this? How is anyone ok with them and not telling them they’re unwelcome at the very least let alone marching through American streets with them?!

Shit just reached a very visible head. Time to look in the mirror. Figure out if you’re happy. If your idea of greatness includes swastikas flying and Nazi propaganda, or if that’s even a compromise you’re willing to make. If it is, I am not your friend. I can’t even stomach you.